Posted by: Rebecca
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Would You Like to Have Sex With Me?

your place or mine?
your place or mine?
How do you feel about having sex with me?

Essentially when a swinger asks another couple out they're requesting sex. I'm sure not all swingers will agree with my statement, but when I ask another couple out for drinks I really mean do you want to have sex with me.

This decision of sex doesn't have to be made upon answering yes to the initial request. My decision isn't completely made at that point either. We have both seen pictures of each other, exchanged a couple of emails, and possibly spoke on the phone. So when do I decide or when do you decide that yes, I want to have sex with you?

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After the initial shock of meeting one another, both couples already have a pretty good idea which direction the evening will go. After all, being a swinger is essentially about physical attraction. Many of you are shaking your heads and saying that is simply not true, but I'm not going to email someone I find completely repulsive on the off chance he or she is a great conversationalist and I bet you aren't either.

Typically when I go out on dates it starts off with drinks and sometimes dinner. This is an easy way to get comfortable with each other. If you are absolutely repulsed by the other couple you have the opportunity to say that you don't think this is going to work out or have prearranged emergency call to get you out of a situation. I have done both! I must admit that if I need an emergency back up call, I probably should never have asked you out in the first place. This is a lesson learned early on in the swinger lifestyle.

So in the end, a date with a swinger is all about the sex. Big shock there huh!