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Top 5 Do's and Don'ts of Giving Head

giving head
giving head
The penis really isn’t that complicated, give it attention, and you’ll notice things in your world will become better. Your relationship, love life, and the communication between the two of you will vastly improve. You could even end up getting that pair of earrings or that necklace you’ve been eyeing. That was a joke!

There are right ways and wrong ways to giving head. There are multiple types of searches you could do on Google for how to give a blowjob and you'll end up with millions of pages to search through. We have busy lives, no need to sort through endless pages of material. So I did my best to come up with a top 5 list for tips on giving head. 

TOP 5 DO’s and DON’Ts of giving head:

I have spoken to so many women that don’t give their partner’s blow jobs. I ask them why? They all say the same thing; “It’s degrading?” My next question is; do you find it degrading when they are eating out your pussy? I thought not. Whatever happened to foreplay? Do it! It’s hot. Period.
Ok ladies, I know that not all of you have trained your gag reflex like I have, but there is nothing more powerful than the ability to fit them ALL in! They love it, and when they love it, we love it. I am not saying to deep throat and gag until the tears start flowing, try it out, maybe once every 45 seconds. But please do not count out loud.
Leave that to the porn stars. There have been several occasions where I am feeling like a porn star, this is usually when I am intoxicated, and then I say...spit away. But seriously, if you need lubrication, gather some saliva into your mouth while giving him a few pumps, then wait until your hand and mouth meet the head of your partner’s cock and gracefully spit out your homemade lube. Wet dick equals much better for all.
There is nothing worse than hearing a girl tell me that when their partner is about to cum, that they make him deal with it. “Here’s a rag, deal with it.” Can you say awkward? There are so many other options. Personally, I swallow almost every time. But be creative! Have them come all over your face. All over your stomach. All over your tits. There is nothing hotter than the feeling of warm cum all over you. Plus, they love it, I promise.
Blow jobs don’t only have to happen before sex. What about giving one as they watch their favorite football team on TV? What about giving him a blow job while he is driving? Yes, this is a submissive act, but make up for it in the bedroom when you ride your partner while you fuck. I am sure after that random act of kindness; he will be ready and willing to fuck. 
What do's or don'ts would you have added? Are there certain things you just won't do?

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