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Naked Day with the Husband

naked day
naked day
Being naked, how does it really make you feel? Some women are glamorous when they are naked; moving around their husbands like it is the most natural and stimulating thing in the world. On the other hand, some women are hesitant to celebrate a naked day with their significant other, feeling shame and embarrassment for their body. 

There is no reason to hide anything on such a day. Come on ladies, be aware! Our husbands want to see our vivid treasures, and they are exciting to them, so developing a day of celebration to walk around naked with them; now that is just sweet and spicy goodness at is most revealing! 

Relishing in the Afterglow

As we all are perfectly aware, we as women don’t get to relish in the afterglow of lying naked and satisfied with our husbands enough. It all feels rushed afterwards, doesn’t it? However, when you have an entire day of celebrating being naked with one another, you can lavish your senses all you want with the sight of them. 

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Wouldn’t it be liberating to just be able to approach them any time during that day, delighting our bodies with their manly love tools, at our own whim? That is one of the surprises which comes with sharing in nakedness together. 

There aren’t many men out there who would protest to being ravaged by their wife all day. In fact, they probably crave this, so when you set aside that one glorious day of being nakee together, you both should take advantage of it. Who knows when it might come around again, right?

Now, some couples set aside one day a month for this, simply because of how satisfying it is; both on a sexual level, and a more mentally healing level. As women, we need a great deal of affection, so naked, we get all that we want and more. This is just another reason that a naked day celebration among couples is becoming more and more common. 

Refined Intimacy
It is a fact that intimacy between a husband and wife is far more in depth and kinky when they do nothing to camouflage their bodies from one another. Clothing is often seen as a barrier at times, but when naked and open, there is no stopping the emotional responses between you. Now, you might worry that your bodies will begin to fail to respond to one another if you have a celebration day for being naked too often. This just isn’t true. It all comes down to what each of you does to light the fire of the other. There is no such thing as lack of responsiveness, unless you simply aren’t letting go, or you are harboring ill feelings toward one another; but hopefully that isn’t the case if you have such an issue. 

For the most part, seeing your husband’s hard, and erect cock at the ready will always gain a response. I don’t know any woman that doesn’t get a heat flush just thinking about such a thing. And, for that matter, the fantasies that would play out in one’s mind, seeing their spouse prancing around naked in front of them all day! Now, that would surely get rid of any ill feelings of resentment for maybe something they did. Um, just a salaciously scrumptious idea to consider! 

Increased Sexual Activity

Of course, having a day set aside like this will increase your sexual stamina, not to mention your libido for him. You don’t have to worry about your husband becoming hot for you, men just naturally get excited seeing a naked woman; it’s a fact! However, you want to make it soft and sensual, so teasing him and encouraging foreplay is something being naked can contribute to. 

In other words, most husbands and wives who would interact this way, would definitely become more sporadic in their sexual activity with one another. This is just part of the creativity of it, and the pure pleasure! So, go ahead and allow your mind to wander, and engage in those dirty little deeds! Splurge naked a little, and allow yourselves to finally escape from the bindings of clothing!

Have a naked day celebration at least once a month! There are no set dates, be spontaneous, make the call at the last second!