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How to Talk About Partner Swapping

partner swapping
partner swapping
It's extremely important for you and your significant other to have open lines of communication. The big question that comes up when getting into this lifestyle is, how do you talk with your partner about swinging?

I have been asked many times: "how do I talk to my partner about swinging?" or "how do I get into partner swapping?". The most important rule is that no one should ever have to talk their partner into swinging. If you and your significant other have an open line of communication and you are comfortable discussing your sexual interests with him or her, then the transition to a discussion about partner swapping or voyeurism should feel like a relatively natural progression.

My own personal progression into the swinging lifestyle took years, and the transition is actually not complete yet. Our lifestyle is constantly evolving. A relationship is always a work in progress. This means the lifestyle we lead will likely take a different path on different days of the week. Some months we are swingers and other months we lead a fairly normal vanilla life.

Any conversation about swinging needs to be approached gently. If you partner seems very resistant, it's a good sign that it won't work in your relationship.

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In the beginning you might want to start out with just heavy flirting and voyeurism to test the waters. You can't predict how you will feel seeing the one you love in the arms of someone else. I admit the first time I experienced my husband having sex with another woman was difficult. Although I said yes, by all means fuck that girl, it was not a normal occurrence in our relationship and took me time to adjust. Now its just plain hot to me!

You might want to ask yourself a few questions before approaching the big question - can I fuck your best friend if I let you fuck her spouse?
  1. Are you a jealous person?
  2. Have you fantasized about your partner having sex with someone else?
  3. Are you comfortable being nakie at a party (or bed) with another person of the same sex?
  4. Does your significant other enjoy sex as much as you?
  5. Can you handle rejection?
Your answers to these questions should tell you if you are ready for the big discussion on swinging.

How did the discussion get started between the two of you? Any hesitations? Did you remember the most important rule? You should never talk your partner into swinging or be talked into it. This can and will lead to a multitude of other issues and could possible damage your relationship for good.