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Body Painting

Body Painting
Body Painting
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Have you ever considered what it would be like to feel someone else’s hands traverse up and down your body, painting on you what they’d like to see? Read on to learn just a bit more…

Body painting is a form of artistic nudity that can actually entice and arouse your senses in ways that one never dreamed of before. This isn’t anything that can be considered perverted or twisted at all; but rather, a creative way to enjoy the human body in its entire splendor. The art that can be created is really stunning, and only limited by your own imagination. 

The human body is the canvas in this so you can’t get any more lifelike. Now, if you are into something like this for the sheer pleasure of it, then it is an activity which lovers can indulge in fully. No one said you had to be an artistic genius to enjoy this rather personal activity. It can be made very sensual behind closed doors. The techniques and styles are actually limitless.

The True Concept Behind Body Painting
Again, let’s point out that bodypainting is indeed all about body art, so it could be considered aesthetic to a point. This is very varied from normal body tattooing as it isn’t permanent and it is also carried out for personal reasons, for parties, celebrations, or just for couple’s pleasure. The colors are painted directly onto the skin utilizing an airbrush.

These only last for several hours, but they leave a parting impression, and they have become widely popular. If you’re reaching for the exotic at a swinger’s party, this is one way in which you can really bear it all and be proud doing so. This does appear so lifelike, so, if you are painted in clothing it would appear you really are wearing exactly that; but really, this is your bare skin. 

Clearly too, these body paint designs can be just as intricate as a real tattoo, drawing attention and verbal “oohs,” and “ahhhs,” from those who see them. Various designs can be created for different body types as well. The point is, even if you aren’t the skinniest on the block, body pain will have you looking gorgeous despite your own insecurities about your size.

No Limit to your Imagination
If you work within an escort service, or again, you are lovers who indulge in more brazen acts, there are designs that are very tantalizing. One in particular is a black cat design which highlights the sweet spots on a woman’s body. Her entire body is dressed just like that of a cat, only with paint. From her female genitalia to her face, there isn’t one spot missed, and a tail is added to bring out the effect. This is sexy and arousing at its finest. Of course, be assured this isn’t the only sexually charged design that can be carried out.

Some of these designs are more detailed than the finest pieces of art in a museum, making them extremely provocative, but sinfully powerful to see. It is exciting to see such technology take form and make such progress among those who are uninhibited and never lacking in their own skin. You have to be bold to do this, and you can’t worry about those minor flaws either. 

You can strut your stuff anyway you want when you are body painted. Just imagine yourself as the next piece of Picasso artwork walking, yet without the stinging pain of needles for the design. Now that really is amazing!
Photo Credit: Naked Bare Nude