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5 Reasons I Will Have Sex With You

hot couple
hot couple
After finding out the 5 Reasons I Will NOT Have Sex With You, I'm sure it's imperative for you to find out why I will have sex with you. The rationale behind why swingers choose this partner or that partner vary from person to person. For me, the decision of who I am attracted to changes almost daily.

This week I might be into Mr. blond hair, blue eyes and next week I might like Mr. tall, dark, and handsome. I can't put my finger on one particular trait that will always attract me, but here are a few things that score extra points in my book:
  1. You and your spouse are equally attractive. Finding couples that both are pleasing to the eye is sometimes difficult. When I come across a hot couple that is great match for Soccer Dad and myself, you have scored really high in my book. A man and woman who is well dressed, well groomed, and overall attractive will catch my eye long before someone not.
  2. You smell good. Cologne and perfume is an aphrodisiac. As long as you don't smell like you just came out of the local whore house, a hint of something yummy will turn my head in a second.
  3. You have a foreign accent. Enough. Said.
  4. Your personality is witty and fun. I don't normally use personality as a factor in determine sex partners, but if a group of swingers are on a date and everyone is having a great time, I am more likely to have sex with someone less attractive to me and making me laugh constantly than if that person barely spoke four words to me.
  5. You don't talk about how big your penis is. Confidence is very sexy, arrogance is not. Always be confident with who you are, but don't pretend like you are better than everyone else. 
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